Welcome to Thuggee Tennessee!
Hi there and welcome to Thuggee Tennessee.  Please have a look around at the content on the pages here.  Take a few moments to listen to some of my music and see if it grabs your fancy.  I cover quite a bit of territory with the songs I write! 

The songs are available for purchase via my Bandcamp page,  from the Music heading on the menu:-    https://thuggeetennessee.bandcamp.com/

Latest News (Jan  2019):

Been pretty quiet these last few months.  But I have been busy (medical appointments aside).  We are about to embark upon the next record.

I've had a quite a number of songs around for many years, all of which seem to be linked in some way.  It occurred to me that with a few re-writes and some additional material, we might get a 'concept album' up.  Don't turn away!!  The themes running through the songs are, referentially, mostly vague.  Characters appear in more than one song and time-frames are somewhat blurred.

I'll be posting up some demos before too long - stay tuned!



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