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Please have a look around at the content on the pages here.  Take a few moments to listen to some of my music and see if it grabs your fancy.  I cover quite a bit of territory with the songs I write!  The songs are available for purchase via my Bandcamp page,  from the Music heading above:-    https://thuggeetennessee.bandcamp.com/

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A review of Bones Of Love :

" Tastefully dark. Delightfully bright. Splashes of humor. Appropriately sincere. And, undeniably laced with hope. Thuggee Tennessee’s latest EP, Bones Of Love, represents a fine effort from a continually-evolving songwriter who has found the courage to step aside and let others perform his work in ways he might not be able. It is wildly obvious that McCall took tender, meticulous time in crafting these five songs, which are distinctly different from one another, and yet all share a common thread of thoughtfulness and substance."

"Bones Of Love" 

Well, the ep has been out a little while and has been positively received ... mainly.

The main concern has been the fact that people aren't hearing me!  That is, the songs are sung and played by studio professionals.  They're still my songs!  I always said that that there would be some stuff that I couldn't do justice to, for whatever reasons.  Well, here they are ... and they sound fine to me...

If you like a song, you like it.  Doesn't matter who is singing it.

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