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Bones Of Love

Well, the CDs of Bones Of Love have arrived!  At last I have my hands on a format I understand and can work with.   Oasis (the company, not the band) in New Jersey did the work and did a cracking job.  They were quick too - I placed the order on a Friday and the box arrived the following Monday.  Unbelievable service.  The CDs are ready and waiting!

Note: a word about the ep. I do not sing on this album... but they are my songs - my words, my music. They are songs that I do not sing at my gigs, probably never will.  One of them is sung from a female view anyway!  Yet I felt they were good enough to record professionally. So (short story) I sent my demos to StudioPro in LA to do the work. I had input all the way and they followed my demos pretty much to the letter... and did a great job!

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