About Me

Based around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, I present an ever-expanding catalogue of rootsy, country, backwoods, and urban folk tales.  Generally narrative in style, they are tales about the land, of our indigenous people, train songs, cowboy songs, city songs, drug songs, blues, instrumentals; songs unique to things Australian... but elsewhere too.  There's a a touch of Americana here and there, not to mention what some might call 'world music'....

And, as you may have gleaned, lots of influences come through in the writing: from 'country' in many of its forms; to space-rock, Indian music, surf- twang, and blues (of course!). It's a big stew of stuff which sometimes probably lacks cohesion. I never cared about that anyway... I'm just looking to make a connection.

The story-telling and the proud oral history of our country also informs some of the music of Thuggee Tennessee. The narrative speaks to those who identify with the land and see it as being an integral part of their lives. Perhaps I see it as my task to approach that view as a songwriter, and deliver some intelligence to the themes at hand. And that may mean taking things far and wide.... But it's all delivered with peace, love, and respect!

Welcome to Thuggee Tennessee! 



I acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners of this country throughout Australia, and their connection to land and community